Well yet another week that Dawn Lake has been seen in and around Redcar, going about her business as usual, whilst she and Cleveland Police claimed in a court of Law she had had to move 300 miles away in fear of her life. Yet more lies in an attempt to stop me finding out the truth about what happened to my Son Jasper whilst in her care. So she has lied under caution to Redcar and Cleveland Council, She and Cleveland Police have lied in a court of Law. Why are the authorities blind to these lies, it doesn’t take much to prove she was home boarding Jasper and other dogs for Cash and she never left Redcar in fear of her life as claimed. On Tuesday 27 April 2021 we will see who is lying, then the authorities can correct their mistakes and carry out a full investigation into suspicious circumstances surrounding the sudden disapperance of my son Jasper like they should of done to start with. I would not still be here finding the evidence to prove it as the Police and Council told me I needed to do, if she had told the truth The Police and Council may not care about Jasper and see him as just a dog, but Jasper is my son and Jasper’s Life matters to me. I will be his voice until the truth is know and my son is found so I can bring him home where he belongs with his family. Then the authorities and do their job properly and bring those responcible to justice. I would like to thank everyone who has messaged me and reported sightings of Dawn Lake in the Redcar area over the past week and ask everyone to continue to keep your eyes open for the her and let me know so I can stop this injustice.

I would like to remind everyone that as we are slowly approaching the court case for Harrasment brought against by Dawn Lake and Cleveland Police, the Lake family and their puppets will no doubt try and cause as much trouble as possible on Help find Jasper, as I believe their sole aim is to get help find Jasper closed down to prevent the truth been found.

Justice for Jasper 🐾🐾💙

I would like to take this opertunity on behalf of Jasper, myself and my family to thank everyone for your continued help and support, together as one voice for Jasper, I believe we can find the truth that will allow me to bring Jasper home, and show the authorities that our pets are our family and have rights and should be protected. It is time the local authorities and goverment were made to lister, stand up and act.

It’s time to Protect our families.


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