Well Jasper it’s 50 weeks since Home Boarder Dawn Lake aka Amanda Wilson of On All Paws in Redcar, North East, England reported you run away whilst on a walk. Now all we get is silence or lies from her, her family and friends Posters been removed. While we your family and you son continue to suffer this nightmare. Absolutely discusting behaviour from Dawn Lake and her family yet they claim to be victims and think they can just walk away from this. Ok so they have a right to say nothing, Well I have a right to answers not lies. So let me promise you Jasper they will be held accountable and shown for the disgusting, lying conniving people they really are. I will never be silenced, I will never go away, I will never give up. You are not just a dog, you are Jasper, You are my Son.

Jasper can not just disappear, he must be somewhere, Someone nows where. Jasper did nothing wrong. He does not deserve this. Please come forward if you know anything that will help put an end to nightmare.

Justice for Jasper.

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