Well 2 police visit to my home, an interview under caution at the Police station and now a 3rd police visit to my home tonight and still no one will listern to US. Well Dawn Lake aka Amanda Wilson Jasper was put into your care and he is missing, then you lied and now claim to be a victim. There is only one victim in this and that is Jasper. You are responsible for Jasper’s disaperance and you don’t even ask how we are or help in our search. The police and Redcar and Cleveland Council do not care about Jasper or us. He is not just a dog, He is Jasper, He is my Son. Jasper can not just disappear, He has to be somewhere and someone knows where. I will never be silenced, I will never go away, I will never give up until I have the truth about what has happened to Jasper and Find him

Justice for Jasper 🐾🐾

Well This is my family I let them down once but I promise I won’t let them down again


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