My Heart is Broken

Well it’s now 35 weeks since you went missing Jasper. I miss you so much everyday mate, our little chats, our cuddles, Life is not the same without you here son. The home is just a house now. I need you back so the house is our home again. YOU ARE NOT JUST A DOG, YOU ARE JASPER MY SON💙. I promise you Jasper I will never give up on you, I will never stop searching for you until I find you, I let you down once, I don’t intend to let you down again mate💙.

If you are looking after Jasper please I beg you to get in touch and return him to where he belongs here with me. I don’t care when, how, why, this is not about that, I just need Jasper back. Any costs you have incurred during Jasper’s stay with you will be reimbursed and a reward will be paid for the safe return of Jasper.
If you know where Jasper is or who is looking after Jasper please get in touch in the strictest of confidence once I have Jasper safe a reward will be paid.


Help Find Jasper


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