Sorry for another post…

Sorry for another post but I need to keep Jasper’s face out there!

Well another week has gone by so it’s now 29 weeks since my best friend Jasper went missing and the pain just keeps gets worse. Not a day goes by when I don’t talk to your photo asking you to come home.

Life is not the same without you here Jasper. I pray every day you will be found and we will be reunited but the days keep going by. I find myself wondering will you still know me after all this time, will I be a stranger to you and it breaks my heart.

My only wish is to have you back Jasper. If you have seen Jasper please get in touch in the strictest of confidence. Reward offered for information leading to the safe return of Jasper.

Please visit or Join Jasper’s face book page on link below.

Help Find Jasper


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