Jasper’s Voice

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Jasper, myself and my family, to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, for all your help and support over the last 20 months, in our search for our son Jasper. I can not believe the help and support we have recieved. I know people have got sick of hearing about Jasper, but he was our son and we will never give up until we find Jasper and get to the truth about what really happen to him. I have been told lies, I have been accused of telling lies, I have been told to let it go and move on, I have been accused of a witch hunt, I have been accused of Harassment. People have stopped supporting us, groups have stopped supporting us, and stopped puttingJaspers post on thier pages. People have been contacted by fake solicitors and threatened with Harrasment if they allow Jasper’s post or speak out. I would like to ask these people who state to care for animals. Jasper went missing in suspicious circumstances and with just a simple explanation of he run off. Dogs are going missing everyday and owners are now been hurt. How long will it be before the authorities and goverment take action. This is not because of the rewards offered by owner who desperately want them back as some people state. Think about it, how many rewards are claimed. Dogs are stolen because people are prepared to pay stupid prices for puppies. There are thousands of dogs waiting to be rehomed, yes they may not be the fashionable accessory your are looking for, but they will be loyal and love you for a second chance. So next time your thinking of getting a new dog, give a small donation and give a homeless dog a second chance. If we don’t pay high prices, it will be pointless our sons and daughters been stolen. Will someone need to be killed before we relise and anything is done. I ask all pages who look for our lost Sons and Daughters, don’t be bullied into stopping posting, if it looks wrong it is wrong, if you simply stop at the first sign of trouble, we will never find our Sons and Daughters. We need to be thier voices.

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