**♡Heartfelt open plea to Dawn Lake and family**

It’s coming close to a whole year that we have endured the painful loss of our baby. This letter isn’t to apportion blame, we have given you the facts and the proof to back up every claim we have ever made on Jasper’s page.

This letter is offering you the chance to be honest and to tell us the absolute truth answering the what, whys and wherefores of Our Beloved Jasper’s disappearance. I know you must be feeling scared. I was scared, petrified.Do you remember that one time I sat on your sofa and I asked you the hardest question I have EVER asked anyone??? I believe you were petrified too. I believe the longer it’s gone on the harder it is to tell. Well Dawn, Charlotte, sons and daughter. You must find the courage to speak up. There is no room for cowardice here. I know fear has kept you silent for so long, but now is the time to draw strength from each other. Now is the time to be decent members of society and put us out of our utter devastating misery and despair.
We don’t know where Jasper is, but wherever he is, he doesn’t deserve to be there. He is our son. You have no right to keep him from us. We miss our little man so much. We just need him home. Please find it in your heart to answer our prayers.



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