On This day one year ago DAY 6

Dawn Lake on this day 1 year ago on Wednesday 14 August 2019 you claim Jasper had run off on a walk in Errington Woods you state he and 2 other dogs run up a hill and only the other 2 dogs came back, who’s where these 2 dogs ??? Dogs belongging to a relative I beleive what a coincidence, on the day Jasper aparantley run off your only walking your families dogs ???The photo below is of the note you left on the Notice board in the car park wrong date by the way. Is this your best effort to find Jasper, is that all he is worth. You dont even put a post on your business face book page instead you closed that down. Your son put one on his. What about the rest of your family and Charlotte not one post about Jasper ???? You are all disgusting lying individuals, cowards who hide behind silence.
You don’t even phone our emergency contacts, family friends who Jasper knows who could of helped. Instead you ring my Daughter who is still abroad sat in the airport wait for her flight home. When my daughter landed at machester airport she drove straight to Errington Woods and search all night on her own where were you Dawn ?????? You are disgusting.

Well let me tell you this Dawn Lake I promise that you and your accomplices will be held accountable for your discusting lies and actions. I will get Justice For Jasper.


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