51 Weeks without Jasper

*51 weeks without Jasper *
Another week passes, I’m feeling so very depressed, anxious, heartbroken,angry. I cannot pinpoint an emotion, I can’t sleep. I feel I’m close to breaking point!
Bear with people….this post is epic!!!

Dawn, I know by coming clean and relieving yourself of the burden of Lies, you may feel that you will lose face with your “friends”. You may feel that your “friends ” will think little or less of you as a person, as their friend.
Listen, Dawn, your “friends” will think more of you once you have rid everyone of their Abject misery by coming clean. The dirt that is sticking to you by continuing with your lies must be a huge burden to carry.
And let’s be honest Dawn, your “friends” cannot possibly believe your version; that Jasper ran away in Errington woods. ( see video) I mean, come on! How far can my lame little man get with his dodgy arthritic hip? ( you could have run faster than him!)

And the NOTE you wrote and left on E.Woods notice board: with the wrong date. ( see photo( you told everyone jasper lost 14th?))
THE WRONG DATE!!! Come on! I know you said you were “frantic”, but you’re a professional aren’t you? Used to dealing with numbers and dates when taking records of the dogs you walk and board. Not forgetting the number crunching side of DOG BREEDING.
And again, not one person came forward to say they saw you searching for our little man. (One lady did say she saw you return to your van- probably after you stuck up your pathetic note)
I have spent hours in those woods and Every time, no matter the hour, it is packed with families, walkers, dog walkers,horse riders and cyclists. And not one heard you shouting for Jasper.

Incidentally, my Jasper, IF lost, ( he has never run off in his life btw) would have headed straight for a family,kids, picnics. And not one sighting of him in those woods! My Aimee, her friends, our family and the trapping team practically camped in those woods for 3 days. My best friends were there with Aimee, when you and your “friend” Andy, handed over Jasper’s belongings. You also said, your money’s in there as well!
My friends questioned you as you contradicted yourself about Jasper. They didn’t believe Jasper had set one paw in those woods!!!
They could not understand why you didn’t invite Aimee back to your home for the handover and an explanation. Was is because you were redecorating? ( that’s another snippet of info that I recieved)

Surely your “friends” cannot believe you closed your On All Paws FB page without posting a missing poster looking for Jasper. Surely your “friends” would have done everything they could do to help you in your plight to find our missing boy. Strange that!

Dawn, your story is full of gaping holes. You did your best to fill them, but it just doesn’t quite work for me. You have Convinced yourself that your version of events is true. But your FAMILY know different! They know the truth. I hope they too are able to live with their lies and sleep at night. I urge them to contact me also. This must be tearing your family apart (it is mine)
You can’t take this secret to the grave surely. Your silence, together with our desperation, is all the motivation we need to be a voice for Jasper. It is the LEAST he deserves. We are all he has got. And we will bring him home eventually.

Don’t be a COWARD for the rest of your days Dawn, take some Personal Responsibility and encourage your grown up children to do the same. Otherwise, they may become the monsters that you created.

PS. There is nothing “speculative ” about this post.
#justice for Jasper 💙

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