Enough is enough time for the truth

Enough is enough time for the truth.

Another week Jasper and still they don’t tell the truth. We asked who was looking after Jasper on Saturday 10 August 2019 as we Know Dawn Lake aka Amanda Wilson who was paid to do so was not as she was working at Redcar Races. However we Know that at approximately 12:41pm on Saturday 10 August 2019 Jasper was with someone called Charlotte Gilmour (who we have tried to contact privately but without success) so were you Charlotte looking after Jasper if not you know who was. We Also know Charlotte Gilmour was at the property on Monday 12 August so did she see Jasper???. There are far to many unanswered questions considering Jasper our son is still missing and no one coming forward with answer. The lack of willingness to help or tell the truth from this family is absolutely disgusting and the authorities sit back and do nothing while I watch my family to fall apart and are expected to just accept Jasper is gone and say no more. Well let me tell you this

He is not just a dog, He is Jasper, He is my Son 🐾🐾💙

I will never be silenced, I will never go away, I will never give up.

Jasper can not just disappear, he must be somewhere, someone must know where.


The below photo was taken of another phone which is showing Charlottes snap chat page saying where did you come from. My Daughter took a photo of this phone then posted it saying my baby on her own page. It clearly shows Charlotte snap chat saying 3 hrs ago. My daughter took the photo of the phone at 17.41 in Greece, so take 2 hrs differance off makes it 15:41pm in uk then take off 3 hrs Charlotte posted it at approximatley 12:41pm uk time. Meaning she was touching Jasper at time.


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