To the genuine friends of Help Find Jasper, I would like to apologise to you all. On Wednesday Night there seems to of been Family and friends of the Lake Family who came on to this site to cause trouble and seemed to find it very amusing. I believe this was an orchestrated attempt to cause trouble to try and provoke a reaction knowing fine well I was at the police station on Thursday for an interview under caution due to complaints made by the Lake Family. I will not allow them to claim to be victims and then coming on here blatantly causing trouble and taking the piss with their laughing emoji’s and I’m ask all members should this happen again to please keep calm, not to take the bait and do not respond. I would also like to ask you all please do not make any further contact with them or post any thing about them or their businesses. I know they have lied and I will never give up until I find out the truth about what has happened to Jasper and where my son is. To help protect Help find Jasper, all members and myself I have also added 4 rules to help find Jasper which I ask everyone to follow. If these rules are not followed I will have no alternative but to remove any comments and repeat offenders will unfortunately have to be removed from the site.

I really want to thank you all for all your continued help and support during this very difficult time for me and my family we would not have the strength to do this without you. My family are very broken and in a very dark place struggling to keep it together after 10 months but know we have to for Jasper.

So now to put an end to this nightmare for everyone I ask Dawn Lake to stop the lies, to tell the truth and take responsibility and to give us the answers to the questions I believe we deserve. I invite her, her family and friends as we have from day one and would of expected of them to help in the search for Jasper and return him to his family where he belongs so we can ALL get on with our lives. If we have the truth we can focus on how best to find Jasper. You have my contact details.

He is not just a dog, He is Jasper, He is my Son.

I will never be silenced, I will never go away, I will never give up.

I believe together we will achieve our ultimate goal and find Jasper. πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’™


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