I did nothing wrong

Hi it’s me Jasper
Another week away from my Family. I did not do anything wrong, I am a good dog, I do not deserve this. Someone somewhere knows whats happened to me and where I am. If you know anything about whats happened to me or where I am no matter what, please I know it may be hard but I beg you to please find it within your heart to speak up, let me go home to my family where I belong and put an end to this nightmare, they just want me back. All information will be in the strictest of confidence.

I am not just a dog, I am Jasper, I am their Son, and they are my family. They will not be silenced, They will not go away, They will not give up until I am found.

A Reward is offered for my return.


  1. Zoe
  2. SF
  3. Lee
  4. Art
  5. Val
  6. Joyn Ando
  7. m88
  8. w88
  9. Muğla iş rehberi
  10. cheneurepe
  11. Stephenalgom
  12. Stephenalgom
  13. url
  14. beDrebrolla
  15. JamesSourn
  16. Kevinsaw
  17. JamesUnume
  18. DanielaxorK
  19. TravisMut
  20. Wallydix
  21. Eddiespala
  22. Wallydix
  23. JamesJoilt
  24. Stevenfak
  25. Robertbouct
  26. Stevenfak
  27. JamesJoilt
  28. Stevenfak
  29. JamesJoilt
  30. Stevenfak
  31. JamesJoilt
  32. JamesJoilt
  33. ErnestBon
  34. DanielHow
  35. ErnestBon
  36. DanielHow
  37. ErnestBon
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