Getting the truth

I am Sorry but this is not a witch hunt. This is not a game, This is me getting to the truth about what has happened to my son Jasper. These are questions that the authorities can not be bothered to find the answers to, So I will.

Dawn Lake aka Amanda Wilson
I trusted you but the facts are you let us down. Not only did you lie under caution about home boarding Jasper. You didn’t even look after him. Instead on Saturday 10 August 2019 you went to work at Redcar Races on Caribbean Carnival Day dressed as a pirate. So who was looking after my son? because you clearly were not, even though you were paid to look after Jasper. I know who was was with Jasper at approximatley 12:41pm on Saturday 10 August and I know who this lady is.
So this is the chance to say why you were with Jasper I am giving you the opportunity to come forward to explain.
So that raises another question. Who else was looking after Jasper between 9 August and 14 August when you reported him missing ?. We know there were other people within the premises during this time. Dawn Lake aka Amanda Wilson you, your family and your business are not victims there is only one victim in all this and that is Jasper.

Not only has Dawn Lake aka Amanda Wilson resorted to lying, ripping down Jasper’s missing posters, It is now evident that your family are now trying to intimidate members of Help find Jasper. These to me are not actions people take if a dog run away whilst in your care especially so called animal lovers. These are actions people take when something more sinister has happened.

All members of help find Jasper. If you have been contacted by anyone who is trying to stop you sharing posts please private message me in the strictest of confidence this will be logged.

I will never be silenced, I will never go away, I will never give up.

He is not just a Dog, He is JASPER, He is my Son.


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