Feeling Emotional…

Well Jasper yet another week gone by and still no sightings or information about you son, someone somewhere knows some thing. Lots of dogs getting found. Every message I open I pray it’s you mate but it never is. I keep praying that one day it will be you. I miss you so much Jasper, everyday it gets harder and I feel like I’m letting you down yet again as I have not brought you home where you belong.

The day I picked you up I promised I would look after you and protect you but sadly I failed. I can only promise now I will never give up looking for you until I find you and bring you home son back to your family and I will not fail. The local authorities may think you are just a dog and not care but You are not just a dog, you are JASPER, you are my Son and I will never give up. We do care and we will get justice.


Jasper has not just vanished, someone somewhere knows something and could put an end to this mental torture and heartbreak, we are just a normal family who trusted someone to look after Jasper. Please don’t let this continue to damage my family, speak up put a stop to this and let us have Jasper home!

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