45 Weeks of Pain

Another week has passed yet again Jasper and no sightings. 45 weeks since you went missing son and every minute of every hour of every day I think of you. I don’t know if you even remeber me now but I really hope you do. I promise I will never forget you. You are still my best mate, my little man and you will always be my Son.

No matter what people think or say about me or what I am doing, everyone has the right to their own opinions, if they believe it is a witch hunt then let them say it I know they are wrong and I will prove it. In my quest to find Jasper I will leave no stone unturned. All I want is my son back and to put a stop to the heartache, pain, suffering and the nightmare I and Jasper’s Family have been living everyday since Jasper went missing. I am not claiming to be the victim, I know I let Jasper down and will have to live with that for the rest of my life. I know I will never stop searching for Jasper everyday as I have for the past 45 weeks until I find my Son. All I ask is if you could kindly share Jaspers posts as often as you possibly can in the hope that someone somewhere who knows where Jasper is will see it and come forward.

I will not be silence, I will not go away, I will never give up.


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